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Living with intention

What Was said

Marjorie's reading was incredibly enlightening and very moving. It brought me to tears. I was blown away by her ability to curate such an accurate portrayal of my life's journey to date based on the exact moment I was born. Marjorie's attention to detail was greatly appreciated and her delivery was truly authentic and captivating. Her passion for astrology shines!

Jill R.

After my reading I truly felt I understood myself better and found it helpful how broken down the reading was. I am excited to use this new information and discover myself more.

Lane H.

Working with Marjorie was pure joy and excitement! I was truly amazed that she was able to identify aspects of my life that she was not privy to prior to my reading. She was able to acknowledge parts of my personality that have existed my entire life while also pointing out possible interests that I have but have not yet pursued. Her reading truly motivated me to examine some avenues that may have gone unexplored otherwise. Thank you for the wonderful experience Marjorie!

Bridget S.

First, I want to say how absolutely calming and wonderful Marjorie’s presentation of my reading was. I could listen to her talk all day! She was so spot on with so many things. She spoke about how my career stems around my love of teaching people because I enjoy helping people grow which makes so much sense as I teach and have worked in higher education and now Human Resources coaching leaders. She spoke about my love of adventures and storytelling which is me to a T. I’m always trying to find excitement in all that I do and seek out exploration and adventures and also love to tell stories! I always say I want to one day be an old lady with many stories to tell lol. I absolutely loved this reading and Marjorie absolutely KILLED IT. Highly recommend!! ❤️❤️

Bareeq B.

Marjorie did a fantastic job explaining my birth chart. I'm someone who has an interest in astrology but very little knowledge and I left with a good understanding and deeper appreciation for what exists above us. I was fascinated to learn where the sun, moon and planets resided during my exact time of birth and what this meant for my personality and my position on this planet. It was all in line with who I am, where I have been and my plans for the future so far! Marjorie's excitement and passion for Astrology is evident through her readings and you can see the joy she is feeling as she presents the information to you. I strongly encourage everyone experience a birth chart reading and if you're lucky you will have Marjorie Cottrell as you astrologist.

Karen M.

I enjoyed the reading. I was skeptical in the beginning but quickly opened up and related to the information. It’s all very interesting.

Casey T.