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Hi! I'm Marjorie Sarah. I love creating, reading, writing and adventure.

I welcome the change of the seasons every few months and all that a new cycle represents.

I'm a grad school dropout who prefers to study astrology before anyone else in my house is awake, yet I recognize the business classes were still worthwhile.

I'm a yogi with a strong interest in how all that goes into and onto my body is sourced - including everything from the process to the energy and intention behind the creator. 

Both writing and astrology feel like a sort of scaffolding that hold me up. The support from these two crafts feels like I'm in the right spot when I'm close to them. 

After several years of attempting to understand the complexities of astrology, I decided to find a teacher who could guide and challenge me. I found that in Adam Elenbaas and his Hellenistic Astrology coursework. I'm drawn to astrology of the Hellenistic Era as it is steeped in Greek philosophy and mystery. As an ancient Astrologer, I find joy and comfort in universal themes that surface in individual ways. I see discussing these themes through natal chart interpretation as a path to personal insights as well as pattern recognition which sometimes leads to transcendence and other times may invite us to offer acceptance


"All you need is courage, have the strength to look." 

-Trevor Hall, Without Expectation

In his song, Without Expectation, singer/songwriter Trevor Hall offers the reminder that it requires courage to look within. By doing so we can move to places we may have never dreamed of. This song, he has said, was inspired by a Rumi poem. If much of what I did was inspired by a Rumi poem, I'd be blinded by love. Some days, all I can do is strive to move from actions rooted in that love that Rumi so beautifully found in every crevice of life. The days I do feel as if I live within the lyrics of Rumi's poetry are so palpable and radiant. 

My two favorite foods are root veggies & cookies. I recognize the paradox and smile at it. Within all corners of life, I find paradox. In the balance of shadow and light, the sliding scale of every emotion and archetypes found in people as well as the planets. 

I'm an energetic mom and in love with someone who loves me even with awareness of all the messy, shadowy sides of me. My children have been my greatest teachers and continue to show me the curriculum of my life - especially when I'm not up for it. My family is my greatest joy in this life. Both the family of four I live with as well as the family of strong, supportive women and men I have come from. 


Photo Credit: Lexi Bird Photography 

For five years I created natural soap and companion products. Designing and sharing them has been one of my most rewarding challenges. I liked most that I was able to plan and draw up something interesting to me and useful to my customers. Endlessly creating new recipes is an amazing channel to let creative energy flow. 

Prior to having my small creative soap business adventure, I studied Tourism + Hospitality Management at Temple University and spent time at their Rome campus in 2004.

It was there that I fell in love with long solo train rides and embraced not knowing how to speak like a local, mainly out of necessity. Being a tourist can have a negative perception sometimes but I feel my happiest as a tourist - even when it's in the city I grew up in.

I am inspired by greenhouses, pale hues of green, teal, blue, purple and pink, the movement of the planets, being an explorer and a tourist (in both places known and unknown) and the music of Rob RiccardoSatsang, Trevor Hall, Mihali and Zac Brown Band.

magical greenhouses

May you find something you love on this site - whether it be a picture, words that resonate with you or a meaningful conversation about the planets above. 


Marjorie Sarah