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Astrology Workshops



Join certified Astrologer, Marjorie Cottrell, as you explore a variety of topics from creativity to parenting! The menu below includes current workshop offerings.

Contact me to bring one to your yoga studio, event space, workplace, book club or home. 

These engaging workshops using the ancient wisdom of astrology are sure to leave you inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is these workshops ideal for?

  • These workshops are ideal for groups of all kinds but listed under each workshop description (in menu above) contains more info. 
  • They work well in yoga studios, as a corporate party, with groups of friends, in art studios and beyond. 
  • Anyone curious about astrology, open to learning about symbolism and how that may be reflected in the patterns of their individual life path.

What is the ideal group size?

  • These workshops work really well with 8-25 people. 


    Through events and workshops I marry my professional event planning experience with my passion for ancient astrological wisdom. I'd be honored to discuss being your Tour Guide to the planets above. 


    Consider this unique event for:

    • Employee appreciation events

    • Corporate team-building

    • Book club

    • Women's Circle

    • Unique ways to gather with those you love

    • Creative conferences

    • Retreats 


     I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and passion with your group!