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Always An Outcast, Never Alone: Adventures of An Astrologer


Marjorie Cottrell Astrology
This is me at my desk preparing to give an astrology reading. Normally I don't wear my Mama Bear hoodie, but it was for a friend and I knew she'd be cool with it.
It was for the same friend who painted the two sky images in the background on the left. Top left is a of my natal chart. 

Being openhearted, openminded and an astrologer is a combination that makes some people uncomfortable.

Being these things has the potential to be divisive - as taking a stance on anything can. But delivery and intention help shift that.

It cuts like a dagger when the greater community of astrologers, mystics, witches and psychics are publicly hated because of their gifts and their willingness to use them to help people navigate their lives - even though the cost is high and the work can be energetically draining. 

Last year I was interviewed for a local magazine article. The week it went to print they pulled it because they labeled the content "unsubstantiated." 


Astrology is increasingly popular now. That is both unfortunate and welcome

Unfortunate for some people who study the art seriously as "Pop Astrology" can come off flaky, superficial and lacking the nuance that is inherent in the very nature of astrology. 

Good because a lost art is slowly becoming more normalized again. 

There is paradox embedded in all of life. I hold the paradox. Churn it and smile at it. Otherwise it will drive me mad. 

Of course, pursuing the practice of astrology, one that has known critics, was my choice and of my own doing. Challenges and all, I’d make it again. All other doors closed in my face bringing sickness, heartache and feelings of being lost.

I take my work incredibly serious. I’ve considered that my interpretation of symbols may leave a lasting impression on someone’s psyche.

Here's my workspace...

Marjorie Cottrell Astrology

I hold the space with clients as sacred. Astrologer Danielle Blackwood calls this space Temenos - an ancient Greek term meaning "holy place or sacred space." She has also helped me see that astrologers are midwives of the soul, holding the hand and wiping the brow of a person on a threshold. 

To have found astrology is a gift. Something I can always study and practice simultaneously is amazing. What my clients reflect back on me opens my eyes to my own personal lessons through conversations about their own lives. It is as if we are all threads of the same tapestry and their stories inform mine. 

All this and more helps me know for sure my place as an astrologer in this world.

There are many things not for me - heavy metal music, organized religion and wild animals, to name a few - but astrology helps me understand that each of our paths are unique and serve us in ways that are mysterious. These things are not wrong, they are simply not for me. 

It is my hope that people can see that of astrology, if they find it not to be for them.

Even when the comments feel like acid in ancient wounds, I proceed because I innately know that this is my path.

Oh, and it’s in my chart!

What's in your chart? 



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