"Be who you are." -Trevor Hall

How Do You Engage With the Circumstances of Your Life?

birth chart reading
All of these things that I’ve faced before
They seem to come right back and ask for more

-Rob Riccardo, The Work

If something is in our birth chart, is it a pattern or an invitation

Or both?

Why do we come into this life with a certain curriculum to tend to? What is the point and what happens after we start engaging with the material?

These questions and more, may be unanswerable, or may only be answered with more questions. 

I find them worth asking anyway. 

Birth chart readings can show us what we are entangled with but also provide opportunities to ponder and reflect on how we engage with the circumstances of our lives. 

Do you accept the invitation? 

Happy pondering!

xo, Marjorie 

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