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What is an Astrology Reading? (+ FAQ)

 "Our charts show us what we are here to explore."

-Adam Elenbaas

What actually happens in an astrology reading? I get this a lot and it's such a good question!

Every astrologer shares the ancient wisdom of astrology in their unique way. Here's a bit more of what to expect in a reading with me.

Why Astrology? 

I’ve had an interest in astrology since I was a kid. Then it was about fascination with something that touched what was unknowable. I love that astrology has a depth and a richness about and leaves people feeling seen in an authentic way unlike any other tools I've held. 

Astrology is also a tool for self-awareness, which leads to a deeper understanding of the way we relate to ourselves and helps cultivate empathy for others altering the way we show up in the world. It’s a bridge.

I still don't understand the complexities of how the symbolism resonates with so many people (how and why it works), but I trust in what is unknowable. This ancient system rooted in geometry, astronomy and philosophy is so vast and so varied and has many faces and many traditions. Like Tom Hanks said about his fiancé at the end of Castaway, I'm just so happy I have it with me on this island of life.

Reading Details

  • I define astrological readings as meaningful conversations. Upon booking your reading, you will be asked to provide your exact birth time, location and date which I will use to create your unique birth chart.
  • Your birth chart, or natal chart, is an image of the sky at the moment of your birth that can be used as a tool to symbolically interpret active themes of your life, highlight skills or challenges you may be up against as you navigate humanhood. 
  • This unique image, your birth chart, serves as a map - a guiding companion.
  • It is the discretion of each individual how they choose to proceed once they excavate the information waiting for them within their custom map.
  • In an initial reading we'll spend most of our time talking about your life path, daily fluctuations and where that path unfolds and how it all relates to your character and your identity. 
  • Character, identity and who we are in relation to other parts of our chart is what I feel pulled to explore most with clients - it's where my mind is naturally drawn - unless something else is vying for attention and feels more pressing. 

I am not a therapist, medical doctor or legal specialist, therefore, I do not counsel or practice as one and do not offer medical or legal (or financial) advice.

I am intuitive, empathetic, kind, silly, trained in symbolic interpretation and passionate about helping people see the stories of their lives unfold in symbolic and mythical ways.

My teacher explains that the astrologer's role is to be that empathetic friend in the coffee shop. Imagine we are sitting at a table like this together as we unpack the stories of your life and explore their meaning, timing and impact together...

astrology reading


Everything inside this mind

What makes up this soul of mine

Is swimming in that cosmic sea of ours

Everything that we could dream

Not all of it's make believe

And the answers to the questions in our hearts

Like who we really are

Is written in the stars

-Rob Riccardo, Written in the Stars


  1. Where can I book a reading or event? My scheduling link is available from my homepage and also here
  2. Do you offer any workshops? Yes! Learn more here
  3. I'm skeptical, is that ok? Skeptics are always welcome - as long as they are kind and respectful. I have gratitude to those who challenge me or are unsure of their opinion on astrology because it pushes me to articulate my message and clarify my purpose. But if astrology is simply not for you, that's ok too! Everything is not for everyone. 
  4. Are you a psychic? No. But my friends are and I highly recommend Jan Helen McGee
  5. What if I don't know my birth time? There are techniques that we astrologers call on to assist in figuring out birth times. If you have a window of time such as "between noon and four pm" or "after dinner" we can do some detective work to hone in on the time. But an exact time always yields the most accurate birth chart. 
  6. Can you read my child's chart? Yes, if you will be in the session with us. This is a requirement for anyone under 18 at this time.  And until then...if you'd like to dig into your child's chart, I suggest you start with looking at their Moon sign. Knowing this information and how to work with it can support them in monumental ways (my personal opinion as a parent who started with astrology via this very doorway). A good beginner book to do so may be: You Were Born For This by Chani Nicholas.
  7. Can astrology predict the future? Some ancient timing techniques are useful for offering understanding on what types of themes may be active at certain times in a person's life. That provides for interesting conversation against the backdrop of your life and fertile ground for planning for the future. I do not claim to or intend to predict how things may unfold. I do use my trained eye to share where topics of life may be illuminated and during which time periods. 

I see us each as travelers on unique paths alongside each other. Our struggles may be different but we all have them. Astrology helps me remember my inner tools and my built-in strengths and I draw on those to carry me though the inevitable difficult moments in life.




Cover photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash

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