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The Day You Were Born


In perfect Gemini fashion, my curiosity is activated. It's taking me down winding narrow streets and peeking inside the nooks and crannies of the window panes of my mind.

The Sun's entrance into Gemini brings significant meaning in my household as two of my main people were born as the Sun passed through the sign of the twins.

I, too, have a strong pull of curiosity in my chart as Mercury + Mars are natally placed there.

My husband, Sean, drives me mad with his Mars conjunct (close to) Sun in Gemini as his arguments are passionate, organized and numbered.

My mind prefers loopty loops of circular motion, not linear battles. I've danced with his mercurial mind for two decades now and my fury has softened into admiration.

Ahh, this is the way he sees the world. No better or worse than my spiral mind. 

A Gemini Sun always looks to the Mercury placement in the chart. His sits in earthy, grounded Taurus. A key piece of why we are so connected. He is my rock. My ground zero. My anchor. The earth I long for.

Another sparkly Gemini arrived on the scene some years ago. She is my creative, beautifully messy and curious daughter, Meadow. With her Gemini Sun, we find Mercury, the messenger. Her mind is full of activity. Words flow from her like a waterfall and she writes stories and letters as if they must burst forth from her soul at once. 

Meadow's Mercury in Gemini helps me understand the busy mind that I have. I can see it reflected back to me through her. What a gift. It helps me relate to her. Together, we celebrate our love of words and curiosity. 

Such tiny bits of insight astrological symbolism offers. 

The day you were born is a celebration of not just birth but the story of your whole being. The symbolic image of the sky at the moment of birth (natal chart) is such a mysterious map of the lifetime.

A mystery that I'm continuously working on letting it just be a mystery. How can something so mysterious be so meaningful? How can something so archetypal speak so individually

Maybe we're more alike than we can imagine. At the root of it all, our stories intersect and are reflected back to us through the people we walk alongside of.

Happy birthday to my love and my littlest. 



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  • What a beautiful post, Marjorie. xo


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