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2024 Retreat Recap

Honey Hollow Farm Yoga Retreat

Stay present, stay conscious. Be the ever-alert guardian of your inner space.
-Eckhart Tolle

We did it again. I emailed the team who co-led this retreat with me last year to see who was interested in facilitating for a second time. They all said yes. (Squeal). 

The Lunar Collective Retreat Leaders

This retreat, this day of intentional well-being is my attempt to support local women in being the "ever alert guardian of their inner space."

This full day retreat at a local, rustic farm was full of community, yoga, wellness, sharing, astrology, intention setting, soul care, meditation, nourishing food, aura watercolor sessions, handmade lunar-inspired earrings, goody bags, raffle prizes, full moon illumination, creative expression, ethereal photography and ended in a cleansing sound bath. 

Marjorie Cottrell Retreat Goody Bag

There was so much more but it's impossible to articulate and capture all that happens inside the magical container of a retreat. 

The Lunar Collective is the name I chose in hopes that it would capture the reflective, nurturing feeling of sitting in a circle and feeling seen by the people that you are with. 

Honey Hollow Farm Retreat

I love when I looked around between sessions and saw new connections being made, journal pages being filled and old friends saying hi again after a year has passed since we last met in the same space. 

Thank you to our local businesses who sponsored and supported this event by providing their services, samplings and offerings to all attendees! They are:

Seva Yoga (Yardley, PA)
Eight Hands Farm + Bee (New Hope, PA)
Mandy's Magick (Morrisville, PA)
Homegrown Pilates + Wellness (Washington Crossing, PA)

Honey Hollow Farm The Lunar Collective Retreat

Thank you to Layla and Honey Hollow Farm! Thank you to my friends, colleagues and co-leaders! And thank you attendees for doing the work of focusing on self-care and modeling that for all who know you. 

My intention was for you to find space to rest in. Even if only for a brief day.

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