"Be who you are." -Trevor Hall

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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about."

Looking for a way to tend to your body and soul without the hassle of travel expenses? 

Did you agree to prioritize self-care in 2024?

Do you need an escape...but still need/want to be home by dinner? 

ME TOO! That's why I'm planning another local, rustic retreat

This boutique style, intimate retreat event offers a full day of transformative programming, nourishing lunch + snacks in a historic, peaceful setting. 

Honey Hollow Farm

You will not want to miss this unique + talented lineup of local women speakers! Read on for intriguing workshop/class descriptions and their individual bios. 

Also on the menu: Goodie bags, the option to add-on lodging to extend and fully disconnect as well as raffles, on-site aura watercolorist (options to book a mini-session during your break), on-site portrait photographer (option to book a mini-session at the end of the day) and more. 

Here's what happened at the March 2023 Retreat. More on that here too.

Read on below for workshop descriptions. 

women's wellness retreat


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Karen (Session 1a)

Synchronizing breathing with sweeping movements to increase strength and endurance as well as enhance flexibility. All levels of yoga will enjoy this practice.


Karen Martin has been teaching yoga for the past 9 years. Her yoga journey began in 2011 when she took her very first Power Vinyasa class- she was instantly hooked. The realization of how our minds and bodies are connected and what the two are capable of accomplishing together, drove her to seek teacher training. Karen likes to be challenged and loves inversions and arm balances. She encourages her students to push themselves just a bit further to find what they are truly capable of on their mat. Every yogi level from beginner to advanced can leave Karen's class knowing they have gotten more out of themselves than they ever expected. 



Bridge to Bliss with Ashley (Session 1b)

There are so many pressures that all of us find ourselves managing on a daily basis. While stress is part of being human, it is so easy to feel bogged down and depleted. The traditional ideas we have around self care can be time consuming, costly and add more to dos to our already overwhelming schedules. We end up judging ourselves for not giving ourselves the self care we know we need because it feels complicated. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. In this session you will learn how to respond to outside pressures from a place of inner awareness and compassion. Learn new ways to think about self care including a voice of self compassion, nervous system regulation, and emotion integration, techniques and understanding that are the bridge to bliss as a state of being. 


Ashley Albrecht is a certified conscious coach and soul care guide with certifications from Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s  Conscious Parenting Method™ Certification Program (CPMCP)™, Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry Short Course, and Suzi Lula’s Spiritual Psychology. Ashley is currently learning to be a Grief Educator through David Kessler’s Grief Training. Gently guiding her clients through a process of reconnecting with one’s essence from a place of self love, understanding and compassion and rewiring old ways of thinking rooted in self criticism, guilt, and unworthiness, Ashley has seen powerful changes in her own life and other’s lives and believes this is the work most lacking and most needed in the world today.  Find Ashley on instagram here


Lunar Wisdom + Inner Knowing
 with Marjorie (Session 2)

Join certified Astrologer, Marjorie Cottrell, as we explore what this potent Virgo Full Moon illuminates in our lives. Each attendee will receive a copy of their individual birth chart with notes on where this Full Moon is happening and which topics are being highlighted in their chart.

This session will open with a brief meditation, contain discussion on lunar symbolism as well as thought-provoking exercises and reflections tapping into your intuition. 


Marjorie Sarah Cottrell is a writer, astrologer, mom of two, explorer and creative small business entrepreneur with a personal motto of: learn. create. share. Her lively practice includes individual chart consultations, couples’ readings, astrology reading events for small groups, workshops, research, and writing centered on introspection, motherhood, paradox and more. 

Through events and workshops she marries her professional event planning experience with her passion for ancient astrological wisdom. She is a native of Philadelphia, PA and a graduate of Temple University.  She is a bookworm, a yogi and loves bumper stickers. Her words and ideas can be found at marjoriecottrell.com and on instagram


Full Moon Yoga Flow with Suzie (Session 3a)

The Full Moon lights the path to all we are becoming by offering expanding energy. This class will guide you through an astrological connection to the Full Moon’s magic through your breath, heart and body. Be led through a nourishing yoga sequence filled with fluid and uplifting poses designed to move any stagnant energy so that you are free to shift your energy towards restoring balance of work and relationships in your world. To close, you will be lead in a reflective yoga nidra meditation that serves as an invitation to embody the moon's energy through this lunar phase of bringing order and intention to your daily routines and service heart.


Suzie Liggett partners with people on their journeys of health and self-discovery.  As the founder of Heart&Soles Holistic Services, Suzie supports humans from birth through adulthood with the integration of natural health solutions for balanced minds, bodies and spirits.  She leads yoga and meditation classes of all styles in the BucksMont area for babies, children, adults and families and specializes in movement & mindfulness curriculum for schools and camps, prenatal and parent & child yoga, corporate wellness, holistic nutrition & natural supplementation, the therapeutic use of essential oils and Ayurveda.


Inner Peace, Outer Beauty with Alexis (Session 3b)

This workshop explores how radical self-love and acceptance broaden and soften our definition of beauty. We will discuss some of the limiting beliefs that inhibit self-acceptance, and learn how creative expression helps to challenge those beliefs, so we can love the skin we're in.


Lexi Bird Photography is an ethereal portrait photographer. She seeks to provide emotional catharsis through creative expression. Alexis mostly works in nature, believing in its unique ability to ground, center, and awaken our curiosity.

Find Lexi Bird Photography on instagram here.  

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