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What's Your Favorite Thing About Your Life?


Do you ever just sit around and ask yourself: What is my favorite thing about my life?

Of course this answer will always be changing and morphing as we evolve and migrate through seasons of our lives. 

But if I were to ask you right now, what might it be?

Something as simple as your kiddo's giggle?

The way your lawn or garden looks after you've tended to it all day?

That you've worked so hard and how you now find yourself at a company you believe in and align with their values - and you get compensated well?


When we were growing up my mom had this game called What Could Be Worse? Basically, when something crappy happened we would sit around and come up with ideas of what could be worse and then we'd end up feeling better about our situation. 

The game was fun and silly but playing it with my mom and sister made me feel supported and like I wasn't alone. 

Ironically, that's my favorite thing about my life, that I'm never alone. I say and think I want to be alone to write and create, and sure, it's my work, but every morning when I sit in meditation and express my gratitude, it is for my people.

My small close group of essentials who are always there for me no matter what life throws at me.

My favorite thing about my life is my family and their nonstop, in-your-face love. An imperfect and messy situation sprinkled with things we wish we'd never said sometimes. Still my favorite. 

I think a lot about my work in the world and how I left a hospitality career to be home with my kids only to discover years later a buried passion for art and astrology. It's difficult to have lofty goals that are incompatible with choices I've made and still make daily.

When I try to put to words my being an artist and a mother, I feel paradoxically both and neither all at once. It scares me to think when I am one, I'm no longer the other. I can be both, and I am, but my mothering role always comes first and my projects and ideas sit and wait for the nighttime spooks and runny noses to dissipate. 

The duality of being both a mother and an artist also feeds me and feeds each role in ways that I would never trade because it's evident that they dance together in unison - providing material and patience in both arenas of life. 

There's rarely a short answer to big questions. But give it a think and let yourself try to answer: What is your favorite thing about your life?


 Photo by James Garcia on Unsplash  

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