"Be who you are." -Trevor Hall

(Worksheet + Video) An Internal Inquiry Session: The Intersection of Motherhood + Creative Small Business

Accepting Our Limitations Through Internal Inquiry for Mothers who are Makers (in any and every way)

This time at home reminds me so much of the years home with my kids when they were both under 5. Unstructured days, constant interruptions and the pervasive urge to create, make things and express myself. Just 3 years have passed, and life feels exactly the same. The difference is we can’t go out and explore in our usual ways.

A few years ago, during that time, I put together a curriculum of a small group discussion/journaling experience which centered around being a Mother + a Maker. When I say "maker" I mean whatever your creative expression may be - perhaps it's writing, speaking, making jewelry, cooking, teaching yoga...any way you creatively express yourself (paid or unpaid).

As they always say, we teach what we truly need to learn. So in the midst of the whirlwind of full-time mothering and heeding the call to pursue creative small business – I truly needed these questions (the very questions I was asking others to consider) to be pondered and explored on my inside. 

Well, no one signed up for the workshop, which was set in a dreamy, artsy studio in Philadelphia. Womp womp. Honestly, it was a relief because I was terrified to speak in front of a group! That gets me realllly nervous. I saw it as a win-win because I found so much fulfillment in just preparing for it.

I recently found my notes on this and decided to offer it to anyone that might be feeling in need of finding balance, boundaries and even accepting their limitations at the crossroads of being a mother + a maker.

Happy exploring what lies within! My hope is that this short experience leaves you feeling connected to your mothering, your creative abilities and ways to see how to work within the limitations of each in new ways.

As devastating as these times are, with darkness also comes light. I am choosing (several times a day these days), to refocus and try again and again to illuminate simple beauty. To me, one of the most beautiful arts is looking inward. This situation is an opportunity to look within and discover all that has yet to be seen.

Have fun turning your focus inward. 

Be well and enjoy!!!


Marjorie Sarah

Before watching the video:

  1. Print Journal Questions Worksheet 
  2. Arrange for 17 minutes alone where you won’t be interrupted. (Grab a pen, candle and a yoga mat and sit in the bathroom if you need to!)
  3. Stay open and receptive to whatever these readings and questions may bring up.
  4. Have fun.





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