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The Moon

I've been mesmerized by it for years. People have been looking at it forever. It is the ruler of the sun sign of Cancer, which I was born under. 

The moon rules our emotions and is a gateway to understanding what each of us needs. The moon waxes and wanes as we do. It offers us a choice and a chance to set an intention under the energy of the New Moon. That is where our wishes and intentions have traction and the wind is at our back helping us along with our dreams. 

About two weeks later we look up and see the plump Full Moon and can't help but marvel at her. Then, we are invited to release that which no longer serves us. Let it go. We may choose to fill that new space with gratitude or simply choose to sit in our newly created openness. 

Monday, or MoonDay, has always been my favorite day of the week. With darkness we see shadows but the luminary that is the moon helps us to see when we need to or is dark so that we may rest. 

I love the moon. I love soap. Please meet my Moon Soap

Activated charcoal combined with purple kaolin clay will leave skin feeling new. In this new scent you'll find earthy and grounding Eucalyptus and Fir Needle essential oils paired with refreshing Sweet Orange essential oil for a unique and pleasant scent blend. It is full of skin loving oils and butter for a natural, refreshing experience. 

Handmade. Small Batch. Smells good. 


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