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Parenting + Connection

Here is a story I always carry with me. One that makes me feel connected, at a time when I truly needed it. (Be sure to read to the bottom for a 25% off code at a an amazing event!)


One day when I’d just returned from maternity leave after having Brady, I ran into my friend, at the corner of 15th and Chestnut. We were just outside of liberty place. Seeing Ash was a gift. We were excited to see each other as it had been months. Crossing the street in opposite directions, we hurried to a corner and hugged. Chatted for a few minutes before she asked me a question that rippled through my body. A question that told me I’d found someone to connect with, someone who inquired about things so amazing.

How was your birth?” She asked. Elated, I shared my experience.

We’ve been friends since and our friendship has always been rooted in shared belief systems and like-mindedness. I always welcome an opportunity to have a real discussion about parenting and I found that in Ashley


For as long as I can recall, Ashley has been driven to produce a parenting conference bringing together like-minded parents in a welcoming atmosphere. I’ve seen firsthand her beautiful execution of events and have been lucky to know her as a friend learning her authenticity, creativity and vision.

I’m elated to attend her Revolutionizing Parenthood Conference taking place in the Philadelphia area (!!!) in just 3 months!

I will happily be attending.

I encourage you to consider joining me for these reasons:

  1. The keynote speaker, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, is sure to impress. I’ve traveled to Chicago to see her speak about her book, The Awakened Family. In my experience you need to take a PLANE to attend events such as these.
  2. Ashley’s event production skills are impressive and before even knowing who the keynote was, I was excited to attend. And in addition to the keynote there is a stellar lineup of workshops.
  3. Events of this caliber in our region are not common. If this event is something you’re interested in, I encourage you to attend because there are not many.
  4. Space is limited!
  5. I’ll be there! (ok not really a draw, but I will.) : )-

Please enjoy the coupon code MARJORIE25 for 25% off registration to this amazing event.

Whenever I've set aside the time to be in a space with like-minded parents I'm often amazed at how much I can be available to my children when I return. The irony is that to fill our cups we need to step away. 

I hope to see you there!


Marjorie Sarah



Photo by Megan Wood on Unsplash

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