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Local(ish) Holiday Gift Guide

Astrology Reading Gift


Happy holidays!

It's the season of illumination and my Sagittarius Moon loves to share. 

Whether you are looking for unique gift ideas for someone special, someone you love who has everything or perhaps even something to request as a gift...these local(ish) recommendations are sure to delight! 

  1. Ticket or Gift Card towards the purchase of my boutique Women's Wellness Retreat in New Hope. This event sold out last year and includes three amazing workshops, lunch, snacks, gift bag, raffle, walking trails, aura watercolorist, portrait mini-sessions and more on a rustic farm under a Full Moon.
  2. A Written Astrology Reading. These are my favorite to prepare and I just added my 2024 appointment openings today! Your beautiful and in-depth pdf packet will explain your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and explore the prominent themes, opportunities and challenges of your life. When you book a reading as a gift, I'll contact you prior to the recipient to keep it a surprise. Written readings are flexible because the date you select is the date it's delivered, no need to worry about coordinating schedules. If you prefer live Zoom readings, I have those too! Here's what people have said after their readings with me
  3. Anything from Eight Hands Farm Mercantile. Tell Dena I sent you!
  4. Gift card to Seva Yoga in YardleyThe third floor of a historic grist mill is a cozy place to downward dog. And part of their mission is to donate to a good cause every month. Here is my referral link should you want to book and place your mat next to mine. Tell Lucas I sent you!
  5. A custom natal chart painting or a gift certificate for an aura watercolor reading. I've had them both and they are some of my favorite treasures ever. And Courtney is an amazing human. She'll also be at the retreat (see 1. above)
  6. A gift card to The Reiki School/Branch of Wellness shop in Lambertville, NJ. The studio offers a variety of workshops and wellness services and have a beautiful boutique to buy everything from loose herbs to tarot decks. Tell Vicki and Steph I sent you!  
  7. A gift card to Honey Hollow Farm in New Hope. This beautiful farm offers wellness and cooking events that are curated with precision. This is also where I'll be hosting my retreat again. Tell Layla I sent you!
  8. Anything from Fashion Gem Apparel in Newtown. This shop is adorable, full of great options that are unique and fun to wear. The prices are accessible and the owner is the best. Tell Nicole I sent you! 
  9. Anything from Krysset Boutique in Yardley. Everything is hand selected and artisan made. And it's just SO CUTE. Love the Cherry Wooder Ice soap and the earring collection. While you're there - check out the Yardley Refillery across the street and stock up on your household staples in a way that just feels good. It is a feast for the eyes inside. 

I'm hoping these have inspired you and given you ideas to support local, small businesses. 



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