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The Empath and The Moon


My teacher, Acyuta-Bhava Das, explained that the moon takes on significations of other things but also has its own significations too, like a sensitive person

I found that to be the most acute description of being an empath to date. 

At times, it's difficult not to loathe myself for not being a strict and boundaried mother. I've come to realize that part of this inability to separate and sort out my own emotions from those I'm closest to is a large part of my being.

(I haven't given up, but haven't yet found the way. A virtual therapy session just last week left me dizzy and labeled codependent. This was from a fellow empath. I then silently labeled myself misunderstood. I think codependency can be beautiful, so much so that I've written about it previously. All the textbook tips and quick labels left me feeling hollow. I thought therapy was supposed to relieve stress. What I did learn was that I just need to trust myself more. And talk to a different therapist.)

It's hard to explain what it is like to walk around with an abundance of invisible sensors lining my epidermis. It's part of the reason I make my own soap - because I can't bear anymore toxicity than already permeates. 

I thought I'd get tougher and more hardened with age but, to my disappointment, I'm finding the opposite to be true. I'm more sensitive, more deeply hurt and more of a sponge for any and all emotional soup I wade through. 

Instead of wondering what's wrong with me, I decided to use my sharpened sensitivity to write and engage with the study of archetypes and paradox. It seems to be the best way to mitigate soaking up all the emotions that do not belong to me. 

This confusing ability helps me connect with people on a heart level

When my child has a meltdown or my partner is frustrated, I get crushed. We all do, in a sense. But to feel things so deeply and not have terms to explain them has been really detrimental to me. I've been left wondering about so much like why I can't just scrape it together. (Empath Resources here!)

It's important to share these words because you may relate or you may love someone who may relate to them. 

We all have our struggles and although we can't truly see what someone else is carrying, we can listen and we can understand.

As the moon takes on and reflects that which she sees and is near, so too does the sensitive person.

Sensitive people are our quiet caregivers, our storytellers and our unifiers. Their value may be subtle, but their efforts are significant. 

As the moon disseminates, so too does the sensitive soul.

What is not seen is all the work that goes on in the energy body to clear and block and return that which does not belong to them so that something valuable can be shared. 

Like the moon, sensitive people are always there for us in ways they may not be able to explain or we may not be able to understand.

No outward action is required here. We can take a cue from the full moon above and quietly reflect. 


Photo by Jack Taylor on Unsplash


  • Love your perspective, Sister. You do you! No explanations are ever needed to be your true, authentic self. I wish more humans saw the world through your beautiful lens. xo

    Jill Roman
  • Your words are always so beautiful, Moe!

    Kate Eves

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