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New Astrology Mentorship Service (I'll tutor you!)

I'm excited to now offer Astrological Mentoring to students looking to go deeper. Full details are below and on my new Mentorship tab under "Services." 

Feel free to reach out with any questions!


Are you looking to practice your astrological skills with a supportive person in a safe environment? 

Have you been studying traditional astrology on your own or perhaps in a class and are looking for a chance to verbally process the symbols and move towards chart delineation? 

Let's study the stars together!
Sessions are 45 minutes / $60 
3 Session bundle / $150 (discounted rate of $50 per session)

Head on over to my Mentorship Calendar (updated bi-monthly) and pick a time that works for you. I'm excited to dive into making our way through a chart together. 

Utrisque Cosmi
From Robert Fludd's Utriusque Cosmi (1617-1621). E.P. Goldschmidt & Co. Ltd., London.

This Mentorship is designed for students or new practitioners in the area Hellenistic Astrology.

Feel free to email me with questions to see if we are a good fit!

What to expect:

Ideally we would have at least 3 sessions together.

The first session I will gently guide you through a "mystery chart" with focus on how to systematically approach entering into the chart and where to go once inside. 

Based on our first session we will then have an option to work on a chart of your choosing in following sessions or delve into various topics of interest. This is your time.

Why you may choose to work with me: 

I have 3 professional Certifications, two under Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology and one under Bestselling Author, Danielle Blackwood. In addition to my formal study and training, I have seven years of astrological self-study and have worked with nearly 300 clients both in readings and workshops I've facilitated. 

My passion for astrological theory and practice permeates my daily life and rhythms and lends to my worldview. Carrying the torch of this ancient wisdom tradition is something I feel honored to do. 

I also know the power of tutoring and how that can truly deepen the experience of embodying astrology. I had the pleasure of studying with a meaningful mentor (Michelle's Midheaven) for at least 7 sessions and it greatly improved my confidence and sense of direction when approaching a birth chart. It took time to find my voice and feel like I was able to speak the messages that the symbols were showing me. I'd love to be that support system for you on your journey to deepening your astrological experience.  

When the time is right for you, I look forward to working together! 

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