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Love Enclosed: Venus' Enclosure Through the Houses

As the planet Venus, representative of harmonyunification and love, makes her way through the sky presently, she is surrounded by Mars and Saturn. This is all unfolding in the air sign of Aquarius. 

Ancient Astrologers referred to Mars and Saturn as the malefics - these two planets are not the harmonizers or unifiers of our sky. They represent war/courage and limitations/wisdom, respectively, among other things.

So what does that mean for you? Or how might this happening correspond to your personal sky?

Where this current activity is unfolding may activate specific topics in your personal natal chart.

Here is brief guide to each rising sign/current house alignment**:

If Aquarius falls in your 1st house (Aquarius Rising) the topics of identity, personality or things having to do with your body may be activated by this transit. If love (Venus) is under siege, be gentler and kinder to yourself right now. Be intentional with nurturing self-care. Sometimes that simply looks like a deep breath. 

If Aquarius falls in your 2nd house (Capricorn Rising) the topics of both financial assets and self-worth may feel activated. Being intentional with spending is always wise and engaging in activities that boost self-worth (whether it's introspection or contributing to a group) may meet resistance. Patience may be your ally.

If Aquarius falls in your 3rd house (Sagittarius Rising) the topics of daily rituals or communication may feel a lack of harmony. Welcoming some temporary new rituals or listening more than engaging may be helpful. 

If Aquarius falls in your 4th house (Scorpio Rising) the topics of home, foundation and your root system may feel less than harmonized right now. Dream up what harmony at home means to you and carry it in your pocket like a secret friend reminding you that you are not alone. 

If Aquarius falls in your 5th house (Libra Rising) the topics of creativity, parenting or having a jolly time may be less than jolly right now. When my creativity is challenged or surrounded my obstacles, I like to pivot and dream again. Inspired by the famous Jonathan Larsen in Tick Tick Boom, "Write another one." (This one is more personal as I'm a Libra Rising).

If Aquarius falls in your 6th house (Virgo Rising) the topics of mundane aspects of work or physical, bodily limitations may be calling out to you. Ancient Astrologers called this house "The Joy of Mars," and with Mars presently transiting this house for you, I expect you may find determination and endurance. Don't give up.

If Aquarius falls in your 7th house (Leo Rising) the topics of relationships and partnerships may be activated. Across from the 7th house sits the 1st house, this axis offers a conversation between the self and other. Sometimes challenges in relationships helps us grow as an individual and then feed back to the relationship as fertilizer. Sometimes challenges are catalysts for change. 

If Aquarius falls in your 8th house (Cancer Rising) the topics of what belongs to others - whether it is their resources or what they think of you - is somehow being activated. As a Cancer rising, your caring nature can be healing. Remember to care for yourself as well and when challenges around what is not yours arise, control what you can which is your reaction

If Aquarius falls in your 9th house (Gemini Rising) perhaps what you've learned or believed is being challenged. When our worldview is contested it can feel disorienting. Remember what your overarching goals are and always choose love and dignity in the cultures and institutions you are a part of, they will not lead you astray. 

If Aquarius falls in your 10th house (Taurus Rising) the visible role you play in the world is activated, perhaps in a challenging way. Hard work is happening here. Things that take a long time to put into place also leave us wiser. 

If Aquarius falls in your 11th house (Aries Rising) the area of your life that hold mentors, colleagues and groups may be asking you to think before you speak. Like all transits, everything is in motion and patience along with intentional speech are skills people admire. 

If Aquarius falls in your 12th house (Pisces Rising) feelings of isolation or grief may be visiting. Reach out for help if you can and remember that the tide that comes in will inevitably be carried back out. 

**Unsure of your rising sign?
This is a useful, free chart calculator. 

The sign on the 1st house (that was rising over the horizon at the moment of your birth) is your "Rising Sign." 


This configuration in the sky feels very representative of what is unfolding in Ukraine. The siege that is taking place, the aggressive surrounding of what is harmonious. Women and children (Venus) surrounded by battle (Mars). 

What happens to some of us, happens to all of us and we are all feeling both the collective unfolding as well as the individual ways transits present themselves in our own lives. 

Sending extra love to anyone reading this, even if it is enclosed by the malefics. 




Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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