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Another Solar Return

Yea I know it's easier to give up and turn off instead of rising up to the sky
Throwing peace signs up in the air without a care instead of letting someone else define you
Being true in all you do so relax and make dreams give love big hugs
Raise yourself 'cause your greatest achievements are being formed and waiting deep inside you

Each passing year I'm reminded of the joys of my life. Aren't we all?

As this "Marjorie," the greatest joy thus far has been in my partnership with Sean and in our family. Sean and I have been closely intertwined for 20 years now and it never escapes me how grateful I am for his solid presence, love and acceptance - even in the difficult times. Especially in the difficult times. 

Birthdays are funny. As a lunar person (with the Sun in Cancer), my default setting feels like "reflection" and on my birthday it is even more applicable. Reflection because the moon reflects and disseminates and the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon.

As years pass, my thoughts are less "What can I get?" and more, "Remember to cultivate gratitude for all that I am and am surrounded by."

Everything is so very fragile. I love to celebrate the beauty I swim in but those celebrations feel vacant without recognizing how imperative gratitude is to feeling whole.

It seems as if we all feel stuck in our life path or with the choices we've made at some point or even periodically. Limits and boundaries of time, energy and resources surround us. The freedom we seek, that we perceive to be on the other side of that "stuckness" lies in gratitude and solitude for me. I've been actively working towards accepting my limitations for years now. Still very much a work in progress.

Saying or chanting, "I have everything I need," as Trevor Hall beautifully sings can shift an internal landscape in undeniable ways. 

My gratitude to and for Sean grows even deeper when the Cancer Sun sign side of me longs to crawl into a shell and be quiet and alone for many hours in a row.

I'm grateful that even though I'm partnered up with someone who doesn't at all understand my need to explore, wander, travel or hide away all by myself, he supports and encourages it because that's one of the many pieces that make me whole.

I'm grateful for another day, another chance to marvel at what is beautiful, to share how that makes me feel, to inspire, to dream and write and to seek knowledge and feed an insatiable curiosity again today. And to do it while still being a partner, mother, daughter, sister and friend. 

Cheers to another year and a new day!

And all these gray hairs warm up my soul
And though these lines on my face feel new
I've been carving them my whole life through

Photo by Patrick on Unsplash

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  • Lovely thoughts, poem and song. That song will stay in my head for a long time.

    Andy Mehrotra

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