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LOCAL LOVE: Meet Leslie Geib


Welcome to Local Love!

Local Love is a new weekly interview column shining a light on the amazing people that surround us daily as well as an effort to build community in Upper Makefield Township (PA).

How can a part of the earth with so few sidewalks foster a sense of community connection? This is my answer to that question. 

The intention behind this project is to foster connection, peace and understanding in our community. All are welcome and I'm elated that you're here. 

Leslie Geib is our guest this week and I'm sure you'll love getting to know her. Enjoy!

1) Please introduce yourself.  

I grew up in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. There wasn't much culture offered there but I took ballet lessons and was bitten by the bug. The ballet bug. I couldn't wait to start my career in dance. Unfortunately, my parents insisted I go to college. How dare they?! Our compromise was that I could major in dance.

I received a full scholarship to Point Park University and graduated on a self-created accelerated track in 3 years. I then went on to dance for the Columbia City Ballet. After achieving my goal of dancing for a professional ballet company I decided I wanted to move closer to home and settle down. Well, that's funny because the rollercoaster was just beginning!

I auditioned to cheer for the Philadelphia Eagles and made the squad in 2004, the year we went to the Superbowl! Go Birds! One year later I auditioned for the Philadelphia 76ers and made that team!

I challenge myself on being able to adapt and get comfortable in the most uncomfortable circumstances. I was a ballet dancer and was next to the very best hip hop dancers out there. I forced myself to learn and become one of them. One of the elite. And I did.

In any case, it was natural for me to move into teaching group exercise. I love it with every fiber of my being. Just as I loved all of my dance experiences. I was bitten by the bug!

2) How long have you lived in Upper Makefield Township and why did you choose to live here?

After I got married, we moved out to the 'burbs which was a screeching halt to the very exciting life I had been living. What an adjustment. I wanted a minivan and the mom life just to fit in! Well, that came in time.

3) Tell me about your favorite local business.

I have so many favorite local businesses!! I love and live for fitness so, naturally, I can't get enough of the best gear in town which can be found at The Pro Shop of Newtown. High quality, stylish workout clothing that you don't see everywhere. My faves are the reversible leggings. I mean who doesn't want a two for one deal!!??

4) What do you consider a local hidden gem?

A hidden local gem I recently found is "Almost Forgotten Decor and more." I think we are all doing home projects on overload right now. If you have an old piece of furniture that you need to breathe new life into, this is your girl. She is a true artist and can transform what might seem like outdated trash into treasures. Her craftsmanship is very reasonable. She can be found on facebook at "Almost Forgotten Decor and more."

5) What are you grateful for?

I am beyond grateful for the usual suspects: husband, kids, family, friends, etc.

But what has shockingly been added to the list is nature and, more specifically, the canal. We can access the canal from our neighborhood and just getting out for a walk or bike ride has really saved my sanity in all this isolation. I am a true extrovert and feed off other peoples' energies. As it turns out nature gives me the same energy! It truly feeds the soul. 

6)  What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

I am so excited at this time especially because I have just been cleared to start working out again! The meniscus in my right knee has been in bad shape for a while now. A few weeks before Christmas I decided to reorganize the kitchen and clean each cabinet. I put all my weight on my right knee and twisted, completely tearing my meniscus. I needed surgery ASAP. Not the Christmas present I was looking for! I have been in physical therapy for the last 3 months. For an active person that was a jail sentence! But I served my time and I'm ready to rock!! I will be posting virtual classes and in person classes soon!

7) How can people reach you and follow your workout schedule?

On instagram @leslie.geib 

8) What's a motto you live by?

I am a girl of action. Live in the present and not the past. "What can you do for me today?" is my motto. That is what keeps me inspired and motivated to achieve higher goals.


Check back next Friday for another Local Love Interview. If you'd like to be featured or want to recommend someone to be interviewed, please contact me directly here. All are welcome! 


Marjorie Sarah

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  • i absolutely love your story Leslie and enjoyed reading every second of it. Your such an inspiration and your absolutely amazing! I love your energy and i’m so glad that your back doing what you love.

    Vivian Algoo

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